Award Winning TV's

At World of Sound & Video, we take great pride in our innovative products and services. We want our customers to enjoy these products to the fullest, that’s why we offer:


Samsung was recently awarded with Television of the Year, Best Plasma TV, Best LCD/LED and Best Internet-Ready "Smart" TV Platform. Samsung Smart TV lets you find and control exciting content in new and unexpected ways. Accessing Apps, Signature Services and browsing are easy. Voice and gesture controls, face recognition. Experience vivid, life-like detail and clarity in both 2D and 3D.


For years, the name SONY has been synonymous with the industry’s reference standard for the perfect HDTV picture. SONY Displays can fill most rooms like a theater screen. You’ll feel like you’re on the court, in the car chase, or scaling the side of a cliff from your favorite TV shows. And with 3D capability, you’ll be transported into another reality. Let SONY become the gateway to your entertainment and technology lifestyle.


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