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B&W 800 Series Diamond Speakers

B&W 800 Series The 800 Series Diamond gives you the best possible sound quality in every application, from professional recording to domestic hi-fi and home theatre. Bowers & Wilkins loudspeakers are use in recording studios like Abbey Road and Skywalker Sound. Come listen to the line of B&W Speakers in our show room today.


For the last 40 years the name Canton has been synonymous with the best in loudspeaker sound. Canton offers solutions to meet any requirements. We believe that Loudspeakers should be adapted to you and your home. Therefore, we Produce series with varying designs to match the most diverse range of Interiors and furnishings. Whether you want to use a multi-channel system or listen In classic stereo, we have exactly the right loudspeaker for you.

Monitor Audio

World of Sound is pleased to offer Monitor Audio loudspeakers to our customers for their home music and home theater needs. Monitor Audio Ltd is a British owned and managed company that specializes in hi-fi loudspeaker. The Monitor Audio speakers offer wonderful performance. It’s innovative ribbon tweeter pings high frequencies into the room with supreme clarity, excellent midrange and bass tones, for the best music reproduction, with gorgeous styling design, at affordable price.

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